Malaysia Otter Network (MON)​​​​​​​

Brand Identity Design

In the late 2010s, the appearance of a romp of wild otters in the urban Kuala Lumpur had caught the public. As the species is intolerant to dirty or polluted water, otter's appearance is an indicator of healthy wetlands and a functioning ecosystem in Malaysia.

But did you know? Otter is actually one of the globally threatened species. The disappearance of otters population from time to time is a sign that a water body is no longer “healthy”, which also signals a disrupted ecosystem. That is definitely one of the natural topics that we should be aware of.

Malaysia Otter Network (MON) is a nationwide initiative to promote otter as the ambassador of wetland conservation. Improve the status of the otters in Malaysia, and address the immediate threats which the otters are facing.

Epikinono Studio team is honoured to be invited and worked with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) to create the logo design for Malaysia Otter Network (MON).

To illustrate the bond between the otter and nature, we hide the otter in the alphabet "O" to represent the otter in the nature habitat. Two colours of the logo represents the two environments where the otter live, which is green from the green land and blue from the wetland.

Logo Design   |   Epikinono Studio

Photo   |   Woo Chee Yoong, Malaysian Nature Society Wildlife Conservation Officer

Project   |   Malaysia Otter Network (MON)